At Summit Beach Tanning we believe in providing our customers with the highest level of service. Our Customers leave delighted and we invite you to come visit us to experience the same. We offer many tanning options that only the finest tanning salons do.You will find a variety of tanning services at our salon, from our UV-free body spray tan, to our premier tanning beds. With many tanning packages you will be sure to find the best one to fit your needs.


Summit Beach Tanning carries a full selection of products and body jewelry to complete your total look, but our tanning service is what sets us apart. Come let us show you a tan like you’ve never experienced before. Offering four distinct levels of high performance UV tanning will help make certain you maximize tanning and reduce the chances of burning.


Premium: SunBurst 4000 - Comfortable, oversized bed design with 38 lamps and integrated body cooling. This is a great base (entry level) bed for starting your tan or breaking beyond your tanning plateau. This bed is most other salons’ level II bed or higher. 15 min. max time.


Deluxe: SunBurst 4500 XXL - Our mid-level UV beds contain 180 watts of pure High Intensity tanning. Beautifully designed comfort with 40 high output lamps, turbine body cooling and client controls. This bed is most other salons’ level III bed or higher. 15 min. max time.


Deluxe Stand-Up: PowerTower - Many sun worshippers have a preference for upright tanning, instead of the reclined position. This unit is spacious with a 48 lamp design. The premium lamps are 200 watts each and 2 meters in length for excellent coverage and color. Turbo body cooling and client controls maintain comfort. 12 min. max time.


Supreme: SunBreeze 5000/3 Magnum S - This bed features 52 total lamps including 3 adjustable high pressure facial lamps, 43 high output lamps and 6 shoulder lamps. This unit has air conditioning with fully adjustable body and face cooling features as well as an MP3 input for your favorite music. Aroma therapy available. 12 min. max time.


Luxury: TurboPower 25,000 S - The combination of 15 high pressure 1500 watt lamps in the canopy and 21 180 watt High Intensity lamps in the base ensure an exceptionally dark tan. This spacious bed also features 6 shoulder tanners, “xtreme” body and face air conditioning, and loud speakers with MP3 input. This is a world renowned hybrid bed design with aroma therapy available. 10 min. max time.


UV Free/Spray Tan: VersaSpa by MagicTan - The most beautiful tan under the sun…without the sun . This unrivaled sunless spray system provides an all-encompassing, luxurious variety of skin care options that will leave you feeling comfortable, warm and dry, before, during AND after your experience, with world-renowned beautiful and healthy, natural-looking, long-lasting results.Please click here to view a demonstration.

Summit Beach Tanning is pleased to offer complimentary personal care items for use during your visit such as body spray, cosmetic wipes, spray deodorant, and others.


Our clients also enjoy:


  • 11 rooms with state-of-the-art tanning equipment
  • Non facial, facial, and stand-up beds
  • Fully air-conditioned facility for total tanning comfort
  • Meticulously clean facility
  • Friendly knowledgeable staff
  • Tanning accessories and products
  • Customized tanning plans
  • Great music system in all the rooms and waiting area
  • Brand new beds and lamps
  • Every luxury imaginable!
  • No-appointment service


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